Saturday, November 2, 2013

Most Popular of All Time open at Kunsthaus Essen TOMORROW

November 3rd - December 15th, 2013

Opening: November 3rd, 2013 at 4pm 

The exhibition "Most Popular of All Time" by Clare beach and Gordon MacDonald's goal to include in a completely new and as yet unknown way the viewer as an active part of the exhibition event in the artistic design with. Under normal conditions the visitors of art exhibitions is set to the role of detached observer. The works shown may not be touched or removed freely even from their designated places usually. The actual creation process is mediated by adapting the catalog essays, on guided tours or - more rarely - by talking to the respective artists.
The planned exhibition at the Kunsthaus Essen defines the usual role of the observer and the relationship between the artist and the recipient again. It allows the viewer to collagen borateur and accomplices of the artistic intentions are and asks him outright, actively participate in the creation of artworks.
Icons of Photography of the 20th Century for the selected source material, photographs, however, show up in the exhibition not as reproductions, but as line drawings. As drawings, which have yet to be made as such - here by the viewer. This is confronted with large-scale prints that make memories immediately to the appropriate photographic models germinate. One can see lines that are composed in part to known photo motives, but also suddenly stop in their momentum to leave blank spaces arise that are marked by numbers. Intuitively, it connects with the eyes and pulls the numbers are between the points, so as to perfect the design finally. In the end you speak direct share in the tracing of photographic subjects that have now achieved cult status and have become an integral part of our image-based reality.
Most Popular of All Time is not really a photo project. The book of the same name is published in the form of a coloring book for children, but issued for a different audience and with other intentions. The book contains selected by an online poll popular photographs of the history of photography, well-known, widely published and discussed icons of photographic art from the 20th Century. The photographs shown here are now so ubiquitous that it's hard their content to new sehen.Sie have long since removed from the context of their original creation, meaning and evaluation. With such, archived in our collective image memory images are epochal world events, political True strength th, social dramas and humanity moving epics condense on the narrow space for the photographer to be compressed, symbolic and weighty representation worlds universal statements about human existence couple to individual destinies and situations. With pictorial formulas such photographs lift the mediated by the excessive abundance images and signs.
(Source: Brad fire helmet)

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