Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clare Strand in conversation on Another Magazine...

Clare Strand from the series Skirts, 2011

Photographer Clare Strand’s latest project offers an enigmatic look at the simple table skirt. Continuing her investigation into the complex meanings of everyday objects, Strand’s publication, Skirts, features a series of photos taken at a council-owned ballroom, where table skirting, hired from a commercial supplier, is captured unceremoniously in situ. Though in black and white, the skirts are noticeably different colours, as well as different shapes and sizes, and despite striking a similar scene, the variation between each image is uncanny. Here, Strand talks about David Lynch, working without colour, and the relationship between humour and morbidity.
What was your inspiration for Skirts?It’s hard to pick out the defining inspiration from the plethora of stuff that allowed me to think that Skirts was a worthwhile work to make. Sometimes inspiration can be a slightly overrated concept. I prefer to work on ideas in a consistent, if disorderly way.

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