Monday, September 5, 2011

Massimo Vitali on Wallpaper* top 150

The 150 movers, shakers and makers that have rocked the Wallpaper* world in the last 15 years

"So here they are, the 150 people who have come into all our lives over the 15 years since the first Wallpaper* issue and made something that matters to us better, more interesting, or more fun. But, in a Wallpaper* first, these aren’t just our choices. Through the wonders of the Twittersphere, we shot a number of our suggestions out there to provoke debate and input into our great name-checking project. And you came back in numbers and with a lot to say. So this list is, we like to think, the collective hip hip hoorays of the big, happy Wallpaper* family."

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